What can you see? Current exhibitions

Through the lens: an encounter with indigenous peoples in Chaco
Photograpy exhibition
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Between exotism and progress
The museum's collections at the beginning of the 20th century
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The uttermost part of the world
The European occupation of Tierra del Fuego in the 19th and 20th centuries
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From Puna to Chaco. A precolumbian history
4000 years of history in the northwest of Argentina
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Dancers of light
Silver-plated dancing costumes from  18th and 19th century Potosi
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Temporary thematic displays

Open Ethnographic Collections’ Storage Area
More than 2500 objects from the five continents.

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Brochures and booklets with the exhibition texts in English are available for their use inside the Museum.


Former exhibitions

Beyond the frontier

The Uru. People of the water

The frontiers of Africa

The lords of the jaguar

The futures of the past